Thursday, October 13, 2011

Architectural Salvage

I wish I had more to show you guys! This is the only remaining sketch from my night at Sarasota Salvage, (probably because it isn't very good) where eight other friends and I spent a few hours meandering through the venue's Salvaged Art gallery exhibition sketching, meeting people and giving away art while promoting the Illest of Illustration event tomorrow night.

The Salvage is somewhat of an antique shop filled with just about anything vintage you can think of, and  earlier tonight hosted a gallery exhibition featuring fine artists such as Steven Strenk and Mark Burdette who were asked to create pieces from salvaged material.

My role in this event was to let people know about the Illest of Illustration show at Ringling College (October 14th at 7:30 in the Exhibition Hall--be there or be square!) while sketching the event and getting to know both artists and patrons alike. 

The event provided a great opportunity not only to help with Illest but to also promote myself and get to know some names in the Sarasota art community. I met some great artists, gallery owners, and frame shop owners whose names I won't be quick to forget, as well as had some wonderful conversations with patrons and prominent figures in Ringling's faculty alike. 

Big thanks to Sishir Bommakanti and Scott Prather for organizing Illest's involvement in the show and making the event possible!

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